40' dock to be the launching pad into the 45'saltwater pool !! This giant labor of love is all about the dogs!  We will offer private & group lessons along with open dock practice.  We have some ideas for some friendly competition events also.   Soon we will have a calendar where you can book and pay online for the pool.  Don't let your dog feel left out if it can't jump off the dock! You can rent time slots for your best friend to swim for exercise.  We will have a nice rubber ramp that will gently lead your pup into the refreshing pool. 

Requirement:  Must show proof of vaccinations of every dog that will be on property (does not matter if they don't swim)

                        Titers are allowed.  Puppies must have ALL shots and over 3months old to be intro into water via ramp. 

                        Proof of vaccines and Release of liability wavier must be emailed to           

                         CTDOGSERVICES@GMAIL.COM   24hours before your pool time for your first visit. 

                         After your first visit, your dog will have a file with us.

Grand Opening of pool - May 30th, 2022.       Booking Calendar will be officially open as soon as we are 100%confident on date.  Weather has challenged us.

If you do not find an option that would fit your needs, or special time slot, call or email us to see what we can do to help.  We will happily work with you.