Making it FUN to train and enjoying the results!   

  Obedience & Behavior Lessons: Tues- Sat      Pool Rental:  7days

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Call 318 376 5660 to book obedience.


Association of Professional Dog Trainers

 "The Cookie Trainer" 

They are not cookies, they are Rewards, which follow a Marker, which follows a lure. This method is very effective and ethical way of training. ***************

We believe in using positive reinforcement in training the dogs.  Dogs should not live in fear of when a correction.

Good communication + Rewards+ Consistency

            = Great Results 

Proof  of  UP TO DATE VACCINES must be provided for boarding or private lessons

318 376 5660

2022-  We hope to have a 40' dock and 45' swimming pool. We will offer private lessons for your dog to learn dock diving or water exercise.  (water exercise without fear of green algae). 

 Every private lesson is customized to suit the client's needs and goals with their dog.

About Us

Properly trained dogs make great companions.  Finding the best trainer for your dog is very important.  As a pet owner it is our obligation to provide much more than just food and water.  Life with your dog should be fun for both you and your dog.  Training should always be positive, fun and exciting.  I can help open up the communication between you and your dog.  If you want a better relationship, then look into our private lessons.

 The 25 years of experience I have allows me to offer the most modern and positive-based dog training services available in north Louisiana. 

My dog training is personalized to fulfil your needs.  This allows me to guarantee that your dog receives quality training and attention.  Complete satisfaction is not only possible, but it is my standard.

Please know it is never too early or too late for your dog to receive proper training. It is best to start as soon as your puppy has all his puppy shots. (12 weeks old)

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* Private Lessons

Obedience: 12 weeks old - 2years old

                   Manners, Leash walking, Behavior issues

                    Crate training, social skills, Recall (Come)

  For  ALL AGES :


 Trick dog

 Barn hunting, -  ALL LEVELS

Hide N Seek - find the tube with hot dog, anise oil or pet rat

Beginner tracking,

Nose work (AKC/UKC)

Intro to swimming (pond)---Dock dive in 2022

Intro to straight line lure

* Seminars 

Barn hunt:   

 Introduction to the sport & 

 All levels and problem solving.  All your barn hunt needs.

Barn Hunt Seminars are hosted at the farm and  services can travel!               

  Come play!!!

Want your pet to receive one on one attention while your out of town?  C.T. Dog services offers special boarding here at our facility.  

Your pet will think they are on vacation and won't want to leave! We can help an issue you want trained while your out of town. Depending on the issue and how long the dog is boarded is important factor in results.


"I'm amazed at how fast Remi became the dog I had hoped he'd be." -- Clint,  West Monroe

"Cristi was understanding to all our issues.  Worth every penny for the one on one lessons. We got so much help and info every week.  She answered our calls every time we had a situation. Our Lucy got so excited every time she saw Cristi." -- Margo,  Arcadia

"I think my dog would drive himself to go sleep at Christi's house.   She even gave him a bath and homemade treats !  Thanks for the loving touch Christi! "--- Wendy,  Minden