We happily provide a safe place where your dog wants to stay.  CTDS offers limited boarding spaces so we can ensure quality time and attention for your dog.  With limited spaces available, we highly recommend booking ahead.  We have a few options for you to pick.   Please let us know if your dog isn't house trained. We want to be prepared and help make your dog's time easier. 

Crate appropriate to your dogs size and needs (6 slots) We do have a climate-controlled room that is now available for all clients   

 5x5x6 Pens(3slots)  

10x15 (1slot)   

Their boarding day includes grass yard time, individual play time in a 50x 60 rubber matted floor area.  Toys, tunnels, sniffing and games can be played.  We want everyone to stay safe so dogs are only allowed to play with others from their own household.  Sometimes magic happens and we get several pups under 6months! With permission from the owners, and strict supervision from a trainer, we allow pups to play. We try to send you daily updates, photos and sometimes video! We don't mind you calling or texting for an update.  Just understand we might not answer that moment because we are with the dogs or lesson.  

Cost $25per day.    You provide your dog's food, food bowls and any comforts from home you wish us to use . 

                                   We provide fun and attention.   

Extras: $10- If your dog has leash manners, we don't mind taking it for a walk on the farm for fresh air.  If you are not sure of 

                          leash manners, consult with us about options.  We want everyone to stay safe.     

Extra Extra $$$ - Does your pup love to swim? If pool is open, you can purchase pool time for your dog to enjoy.

Board & Train: $75per day    Maybe you would like to add some training while your pup is being boarded.  When booking, we can discuss if we can assist you in that. We want to make sure we have enough time in our day to provide that service.  Most importantly we want to make sure we feel you will be able to see results!  Every dog is different (stress, excitement, maturity).  

                  Options:  We can discuss ideas to fit your needs.